Ciminal Case : Claim 2 Burgers From Your Chief

Criminal Case: come help Chief King to feel better with this burger As we have already said we will soon be able to discover a new neighborhood Grimsborough. But before we get there we are going to face a very difficult time in the game! Suicide Chief King!.Now you will be promoted to chief.Get Full Detail Below.

And yes, our leader one who guides us from the beginning will soon end its days! We will have to investigate and find the reason for this horrible act!
Treason, pressure, infidelity, youthful, corruption … what is it about well we could hide the leader from the beginning! he’ll have to find out! Well sure we will be rewarded with a burger at the end of this rather special inquiry!
We will also attend the funeral pomp of the head and question many former Marconi suspects as example!.
Once this investigation is completed you will appoint chief and you’ll be the boss! Jones will no longer be your teammate get his head!.One burger you claim when you complete this case and one from when you claim high rank of chief.
Anyway the new neighborhood we reserve good numbers of new surprises.
That held your head that you will take: Comment below :

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